paintball hopper

Upgrade your experience at our park with the best rental package in Oklahoma.

  • Lighter Marker less fatigue & easier to aim
  • Better accuracy & better balanced feel
  • PAL helps eliminate having to shake the hopper
  • No chopped balls, clean barrel is a happy barrel.

Shaking the hopper to feed the balls you stray off target. If you are not shooting, you are an open target. Don’t let the competition get the advantage upgrade on your coming visit.

This package will improve your play for a small charge of only $9.17 per gun. EMEK is available for LOW and Standard Impact markers. LOW IMPACT EMEK have Carbon Fiber tanks for 45% Lighter and smaller size but holds more air than a standard tank. EPIC is the only field in Oklahoma offering this better experience for only $10 (including sales tax).

https://www.skirmish.com/rates/paintball-rental-upgrades/ – $30.00
https://westworldpaintball.com/ – $19.95
https://adrenalinepaintball.com/up-grades/ – $20.00

Don’t miss out on the extra fun of playing with the best.