About Epic Paintball

Epic Paintball Park prides itself on offering LARGER FIELDS. Some fields were designed to be over an acre large. This was to improve the player
experience for large & small groups by encouraging longer and more quality game play. In addition Epic’s fields are very close to each other to cut down on excessive walking, educing fatigue.

To further improve the experience EPIC has available LOW IMPACT paintball balls that lowers the impact by 60% vs a normal paintball. This is great for both adults and younger children who don’t want the pain and welts of normal paintball. The cost is the same as regular paintball.

Randall Coles

Born and raised in Oklahoma City, OK, Randall has taken a wealth of knowledge and experience every direction he could. Going to high school at Bishop McGuiness High School and then moving onto Oklahoma State University for his college years, Randall studied hard to learn as much as possible about the business world with the goal of starting his own business helping people.

After college he went to work for the family business, W&W Steel Company, the 4th largest steel fabricator in the United States. After many years with W&W Steel Co. he entered the insurance market with a small company called Primerica.

Making this move in June of 2004 was a big step for Randall, but he was determined to make it work. After a year and a half, he went to work for United American & IAB Insurance. He later felt like it was time to make the ultimate move, he decided in July of 2006 to start his own company and Benefit Designers Insurance Agency was opened.

Randall has been playing paintball since 1991 and felt that the Greater Oklahoma City Metro area needed a closer place to have paintball fun. Randall decide to develop his dream of opening and operating a highend paintball park and Epic Paintball Park was born.