Park Highlights

Epic Paintball Park in central Oklahoma City is a high-end entertainment facility for:

  • Birthday parties
  • Church groups
  • Bachelorette and Bachelor parties
  • Corporate team building
  • School and University parties
  • paintball enthusiasts
kid gel blast

Competitive Pricing Models

EPIC pricing is per person and sold in packages that are user friendly. For example: competitors offer 100 free paintballs that might last 1 game then you have to start buying more and more. Epic’s starts at 500 rounds per player because you will use that amount in 1-2 hours of play. This lets you know your costs upfront without skimping on paintballs.

  • Savings Example – Competitor – $25 rental (100 rounds) + $20 for 400 rounds = $45 a player vs Epic’s $41.30 thus a savings at EPIC.
  • Our Sunday Special is only $36.70 per player regardless of group size vs UP TO 10 players for $349.95 or $34.95/player which is a great deal but what if you only have 8 players or 6 players for your Sunday outing? Your price jumps to $43.75 & $58.33 / player. Keep your party flexible and prices steady at EPIC.
  • Epic’s Birthday Special – ($36.70/player or $31.95/player), depending on group size.
  • Price Match Guarantee – Epic Paintball Park will price match any local competitor’s price. Have the competitor send you an e-mail with a list of what they are offering with price per player and # of players to and we will match or beat that price. Our location is the best in the OKC and so will be the savings to your wallet.

Latest Technology and Equipment

  • Our Rental Fleet of markers are light weight, faster & more accurate shots, has lighter trigger pulls and less kick to make your experience more enjoyable.
  • We offer full face masks with high ventilation (see gallery for comparison to other competitors masks)
  • Epic has the most up to date in safety devices to protect everyone (barrel covers not dangerous barrel plugs)
  • High grade paintballs that fly straight, break upon impact, are water soluble, fabric safe, non-staining and most important less painful
  • Epic uses a top of the line low impact paintball for less bounce and better breaks.
  • Exclusive lightweight carbon fiber tank option for only $5 additional per player for low impact — 45% lighter tank, 3″ shorter but holds up to 35% more air for a better gaming experience. (50 units available) Small .13/3000 tanks are light but have nearly 6 times less air than our lightweight carbon option.
  • Exclusive EMEK upgrade — EMEK is the best mechanical marker on the market and coupled with the Planet Eclipse PAL hopper system for the best overall experience you can get. Lightweight, fast shooting , balanced and PAL offers less shaking of the hopper to feed balls into the marker. ONLY AT EPIC
  • Epic takes time to fit masks, explain the rules in depth , and prep the group for a safe fun time. Its best to arrive 15-30 mins early if you want to start at your appointed time.

Large and Unique Fields

  • Epic currently has 7 playing fields with 11 more to follow
  • Fields include: Totes (1.1 acres), Tires (0.88 acre), Barrels (0.81 acre), Spools (1.03 acres), Airball, and Island .. Epic does have a woodsball field under development that you are allowed to play but is currently being groomed.
  • The fields are in very close proximity to each other. Less walking distance which reduces fatigue during hot & cold weather
  • Visit our Facebook page for videos and pictures of players on the fields.
  • Clients have asked how large our fields are, so we are showing you a size comparison to other local area fields. Click this link. Field Size Comparison

Low Impact Paintball Option

  • Epic offers low impact paintball option for the same price as standard paintball
  • Low impact Reduces impact by 60% using a smaller ball size
  • Epic uses top of the line low impact paintballs
  • Available to ages 7+ (children below age 10 should wear a baseball cap to help the mask fit more comfortably)
  • Low impact can allow players to wear less protective clothing thus staying cooler in hot Oklahoma weather.
  • Epic’s Low impact markers shoot the same feet per sec (fps) that our .68 standard markers shoot for great range.
  • Exclusive lightweight carbon fiber peanut tanks to fit smaller kids and our EMEK upgrade is 50% off for your child’s birthday party.

Family and Group Friendly

  • Covered picnic tables to beat the heat, great for large groups or individuals or to hold your party’s activities.
  • Bottled water available for purchase for a dollar each.
  • Paved parking lot to handle 150+ cars
  • 4G coverage for all guests to access the web
  • Outside food and beverages welcome.
  • Alcohol such as beer or wine are acceptable. Beer isn’t allowed in the main staging area due to kids in the area. Please keep beer in your vehicle.
  • Smoking is allowed on premises but smoke in the parking lot or the designated smoking area, no smoking in the staging area
    • (Private groups during the week such as bachelor parties the above will be allowed to smoke in the staging area).
  • Epic does conduct business on rainy days, if lightning is present we suspend play, deposits can be refunded due to poor conditions.

Location Location Location

  • Epic is the only paintball park approved by OKC to do business inside the city limits. Located just East of Yukon on I-40
  • Centrally located providing easy access from N.W. & S.W. OKC metro, Warr Acres, Bethany, Mustang, Yukon, Tinker AFB, Midwest City, Piedmont, Edmond, Moore and Norman
  • Nearby facilities, convenience stores and restaurants. Love’s, McDonalds, Sonic, Subway, & Popeye’s Chicken
  • Epic also has 10+ restaurants that are part of UBER Eats.

Birthday Groups – Fresh Ice cream, Cookies, and Cakes are close by:

  • Braum’s Ice Cream & Burger is only 2 miles West of I-40 & Morgan Rd. (111 S Mustang Rd, Yukon, OK) (405) 324-0772
  • Braum’s Ice Cream & Burger is only 2 miles East of I-40 & Morgan Rd. (200 S Council Rd, Oklahoma City, OK) (405) 495-5400
  • Great American Cookies is only 2.8 miles East of I-40 & Morgan Rd. (7650 W Reno Ave H-815, Oklahoma City, OK) (405) 437-2018
  • Buttersweet Cupcakes is only 2.9 miles West of I-40 & Morgan Rd. (817 S Mustang Rd, Yukon, OK) (405) 265-4994

Pizza for Pick Up

  • All American Pizza is only 2.5 miles West of I-40 and Morgan Rd. (342 N Mustang Rd, Yukon, OK) (405) 324-5551
  • Pizza Inn is only 3.8 miles East of I-40 and Morgan Rd. (6801 SW 3rd St, Oklahoma City) (405) 789-2626

Pizza for Delivery

  • Epic Paintball Customers get a Special VIP Discount at Marco’s Pizza! Located at 509 W Vandament Ave in Yukon, OK,
  • Call them at 405-474-7788 and mention that your delivery is for a game session at Epic Paintball Park and they will take 20% off of your entire order! (Delivery Only. Must Be Delivered to Epic Paintball Park. $8.99 minimum after discount)
  • Dominos Pizza is only 4.7 miles North West of I-40 & Morgan Rd. (120 W Vandament Ave, Yukon, OK) (405) 350-1451

Waze and Google Maps work best for finding our park, Apple GPS phone users are being misdirected to get back on Interstate I-40 East. Epic is on the service road south of the sign.