Safety Briefing

Welcome to Epic Paintball Park

We have 2 rules, first one is safety and the second one is why you are here TO HAVE FUN RIGHT?? (get the party energized on why they are here, if you need to ask them again YOU ARE HERE TO HAVE FUN RIGHT??) First thing you need to know is WHERE TO START. See the line of poles? That is a pole line (point at the netting poles) When you start a game, you will line up within 3-5ft in front of the poles. You can line up across the field (use hand gesture) but you cannot move forward towards the other team (use hand gesture) until the ref starts the game.

Epic Paintball Park

Before the game starts, the ref will say MASK ON, put on your mask on and you leave it on PERIOD. If you have a issue with your mask flag down your ref. (waving hand gesture) The ref will either stop the game or show you a safe place to adjust your mask.

This mask (hold up mask) is your best friend it keeps you safe. (place hand over one eye) I do not want anyone going home looking like a pirate for the rest of your life. Getting hit in the eye can blind you for the rest of your life.

Next, you will un-safety your marker but let us show you how to safety it first. See the big button at the base of the trigger? That should be pushed in, if its out and you see a red ring, RED YOUR DEAD. Also to safety the marker your barrel sock should be on when not in use. When we start the game you unsafety your gun by taking off the barrel sock first then the safety second, so you do not shoot your hand.

Epic Paintball Park

Everyone understand how to safety and un-safety their marker?

Answer any questions When we start the game if you get shot put yell IAM OUT then put both hands above your head (put hands up and wave) then walk toward the back of the field where you started with one hand up. (Put one hand up) Watch for lines of fire and do not walk into it as you walk back to your starting point. Touch one of the poles on the side you started at and re spawn back in. When you get shot a second time go back to your starting point and when you reach the back of the field push the safety on the gun and put the barrel sock on. This is reverse of when you started the game so you do not shoot yourself in your hand.

If you are going to watch the game, watch from the sidelines not the end zones. It is best to stand near the referee and dead players do not talk.

We have a 20ft surrender rule that is about from me to the spool (pick object 20ft from you). If you sneak up on someone and have them, dead to rights give them a chance to surrender it is a game. Say surrender loudly have to remember you have a mask on an they do too, so be LOUD. If they are brave and turn on you, then open season, but please only shoot them once or twice this is still a game.

We also have a close quarter combat rule called a bunker rule. (Pick someone sitting near you) Now let’s say there is a bunker like a spool, tire or other object you hide behind and this person is hiding behind a big tire for example (wave hand in a circular motion showing a tire) and is getting shot at and can’t move. Now if one of you goes around the bunker (point gun at the person) how close am I? TOO close is the correct answer, So what you do is run up to the bunker and tap the bunker and say BUNKER BUNKER BUNKER (slap table about 3 times real hard) Whoever is on the back side of that bunker is out of the game or re spawning. Now the person behind the bunker has their adrenaline going what happens when I round the corner. That is right they will shoot you at point blank. This breaks rule #2 have fun. So please do not run around a bunker and shoot someone point blank.

Any questions about the 20ft rule or bunker rule?

Answer any questions. The markers have a gravity feed hopper do not shoot the gun sideways (hold gun up sideways) like in the movies. Also these guns shoot very fast (air up empty marker and shoot quickly) they have a 2lb trigger pull not an 8lb like other paintball fields. If you out shoot the hopper, the gun will go bang bang bang then pop pop pop and nothing comes out the barrel. Just give the hopper a small shake or a tap on the top of the hopper. Whatever you do do not shake the hopper very hard or you will shatter all the balls in the hopper and ruin them. To aim the marker you look down the side of the marker with both eyes open. Don’t blind fire over or around a bunker because friendly fire counts. If you shoot a teammate, they will be pissed and your team just lost a player.

What counts and what doesn’t count. Gun hits don’t count, if you are shooting for example and a ball hits the hopper keep on playing, if you get spay off a bunker keep on playing.

LOW IMPACT – If you are hit in the head or torso and the ball bounces, it does count. Arms and legs do not count if the ball bounces and ALL breaks count on any part of the body.

STD IMPACT – All breaks count but bounces do not count.

Any questions at this point?

Answer them If you come off the field with your barrel sock off , safety off you will be warned once , second time your group will sit out for 20 mins, third time you will be done for the day. This also includes lifting up your mask during play and shooting a ref on purpose. Then recap the mask and gun – What is the most important thing to always wear? (hold up the mask) how do you safety the gun? Re-show safety and barrel sock. Follow these two basic rules and no one gets hurt today.

Ok let’s load up your paint and have some fun.